Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dominique Sachse says goodbye to Travis Rodgers of 1560 KGOW

Travis Rodgers of Yahoo! Sports Radio and 1560 KGOW The Game (also Jim Rome's former producer) is apparently moving back to California. I'm hearing he will still do his current show from out in La La Land, plus one in that market.

Turns out Rodgers is quite the fan of Dominique Sachse, so the KPRC 2 anchor taped a quick goodbye for him. Watch it in the embedded video above.

(Thanks Sketch the Journalist)


  1. Let's don't and say I did!!

  2. What a hideous image - time for more facelift work.

  3. Old Dom will do anything for attention. And in this clip she reads the TelePrompTer worse than Reyna, she has worse hand gestures than Freeman, and she seems as knowledgeable and sincere as Lara Logan. Go away Dom....

  4. She's as inauthentic as that video KPRC made Bill do to promote how nice Dom is. Her PR machine is doing overtime trying to get the community to like her. Problem is, she's as fake as her body parts and driven by only money, image and status.

  5. She'll do anything, or anyone it appears, for publicity.


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