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Friday, April 27, 2012

BBC to Broadcast LIVE from the Port of Houston with Energy Debate Special

BBC World Service's award-winning news and current-affairs program Newshour will be in Houston, with anchor Razia Iqbal on Friday, May 4 to broadcast a special edition of the show with partner station KUHF News. The program will air from 2:00PM – 4:00PM CT and broadcast globally to audiences around the world.

Presented by Razia Iqbal, the program will be asking, can America be energy independent by the year 2020? Newshour will be coming live from the Port of Houston - where America's energy industry meets the world. A special panel of guests including some of America's most respected energy analysts, alongside KUHF StateImpact Energy & Environment Reporter Dave Fehling, will discuss how the boom in domestic energy production could influence American policy both at home and abroad. Newshour will also visit the Houston Grand Opera to examine how the arts world has come to rely on the philanthropy of the oil tycoons. During the special 2-hour live broadcast KUHF listeners can participate in an online energy conversation with KUHF Reporter, Ed Mayberry at, who will host a live blog from the Port of Houston BBC broadcast.

(This post is from a release sent to me by the BBC and KUHF)


  1. Is it true that Jennifer Reyna from KPRC is going to KSBJ?

  2. BBC News is quite good when you can understand them. They need to learn how to speak proper English like we do round these parts. ;-}


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