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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News 92 KROI releases Scott Braddock

News 92 FM KROI's Scott Braddock
News 92 KROI mid-morning talk show host Scott Braddock tweeted Tuesday that he had "parted ways" with the station.

Braddock later told me over the phone he was let go from the Radio One station.

Now free from his corporate bosses, Braddock said he felt that he and his show were at odds with members of the management team from the beginning - even though he was courted to come back to Houston from CBS Radio's Austin bureau (he previously worked at NewsRadio 1080 KRLD). He believes there is a lot of talent at the all news station, there is just no way to showcase it. Plus, he adds there is a lot of style over substance on air.

Ed Shane, the radio veteran who hired the staff and helped bring News 92 on air, could not comment on Braddock's charges, but did comment on his departure.

"I recruited Scott," Shane told "I think he is a bright individual and good reporter. I'm sorry it came to this."

Braddock is from the Houston-area and wants to remain here. He previously worked at 740 KTRH. In a 2007 interview I conducted with Michael Berry, the then newly hired KTRH manager called Braddock, "one of our star reporters."

While hesitant to go on the record with me about this yesterday, Braddock talked today with The Houston Chronicle's David Barron about his recent appearance on Pacifica's 90.1 KPFT and how he believed it led to his termination:

Braddock said he was asked to be a guest host Friday on Geoff Berg's Partisan Gridlock show on KPFT (90.1 FM), a non-commercial station owned by the Pacifica Foundation. He said he did not ask permission to host the Pacifica show and does not believe he was obligated to do so.

During the KPFT show, Braddock said he played an interview, which previously appeared on KROI, with Carolyn Jones, an Austin freelance writer who wrote about her experience with the Texas sonogram law for the Texas Observer's website.

This week, Braddock said he was told by KROI management that his appearance on KPFT was a violation of his contract and that the interview he played was the station's intellectual property. Braddock said he has not signed his contract with the station and said he believed he had the right to use the interview, which he equated to a reporter's notes, in any manner that he wanted. READ THE REST

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  1. That station sounds like a poorly designed ridiculous college station too many jokes too much laughter not professional at all. Not to be mean but there's too many tv voices on the station that don't know how to do news radio.

  2. We actually have someone on the air that will give a balanced view of what is really going on in this state and this is what it comes to. We can not depend on ANYONE!

    Scott I have always admire you for your vigilance and willingness to bring both sides to the table.

    It is our loss.

    Melanie Harvey

  3. Scott was worthless on News 92. Now if they'd just get rid of his girlfriend, Bonnie Petrie, the station would sound a lot better.


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