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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Former KTRK anchor Minerva Perez to KHOU 11

Former KTRK 13 anchor Minerva Perez is moving over to KHOU 11. Her show, Latina Voices, will still air on Houston PBS KUHT 8 Sundays at 2:30pm, and will also air on channel 11 Sundays at 5:30am.

Perez is still joined by co-host Sofia AdroguĆ©, but Patricia Gras has left the show to focus on her career. (Read more about what Patricia Gras has faced lately here.)

New shows have guest hosts which include leaders in the Houston community, authors, former media ladies, who Perez says, give a different perspective on each show and add a fun aspect.

Some of upcoming guests include NY Times Best Selling Author Peggy Orenstein, Florida Blogger for Spina Bifida Laurita Tellado, First Hispanic CEO of Girl Scouts USA Ana Maria Chavez, Rice Baseball standout Anthony Rendon, UH President Dr. Renu Khator, Project Runway Designer CloƩ Dao, Dodie Osteen and many more lined up.

“Latina Voices just continues to grow," Perez told

The show joined the KHOU rundown New Year's Day and Perez reports the debut got measurable ratings with no promotion.

You can also watch the show online at

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  1. "Latina Voices just continues to grow" exclaims Perez
    "Awesome!!! Thank you! Thank you! thank you to all my loyal supporter (that's not a mistake that is singular) WAIT A SECOND?!
    Did you say 5:30 --AM?-- Sunday on KHOU???........ ..............more silence as she ponders her choices..........................I guess I'll take it"

  2. Patricia Gras didn't "leave" the show... She was laid off from Channel 8, along with 15 other key players in the Houston PBS organization.

  3. Looks like Michael Jackson is alive
    and plumpy in the pic.

  4. Who's watching tv at 5:30am sunday? Crazy.

  5. poeple getting for work. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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