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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna also anchoring/reporting at 11am

Last week I told you how KPRC 2 traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna was promoted to 4:30am anchor. But I realized that was only part of the story actually. She was also promoted to something else. Here is the news from her TV agent, N.S. Bienstock:

"Jennifer Reyna is promoted to weekday morning 4:30 a.m. and mid-day anchor-reporter at KPRC in Houston."

So she is now a mid-day anchor and reporter too. Monday I DVRed the KPRC 11am newscast and sure enough, Reyna was at the anchor desk with Owen Conflenti. My guess is she will be splitting news desk time with Lauren Freeman. When Freeman is there, Reyna will be in the field.

Now she has three jobs. Does this make Reyna one of the hardest working women in Houston showbiz TV news?


  1. More Jennifer Reyna is always a good thing! Too bad I'm at work most of the time she is on. I don't wish the weekends on her, but it was nice seeing her first thing on a Saturday!

  2. Make that 5 jobs she also does traffic for KSBJ and DJs for KSBJ.

  3. Yay!!! Go Jennifer Reyna!!! She's the LeBron James of news!!!

  4. Excellent choice for anchor! She always does a great job. Thanks Channel 2.

  5. Whatever happened to Daniella, as much as I like Jen Dani is greater, what happened to her?

  6. She's a hack who can't read. Embarrassing...

  7. Shirley Barr www.shirleybarrpr.com10/05/2011 05:33:00 PM

    You know what Ken Hoffman said in his column recently: Any girl named Jennifer is bound to be beautiful. Seems they are all hard workers, too!

  8. Hoffman also thinks competitive eating is a sport and that wrestling is entertaining. So he's wrong yet again.

  9. I see Adam Clanton did Friday Football Frenzy this morning instead of Curious George. Of course, that meant Curious George was back in the studio butchering traffic as usual.

  10. "LeBron James of news"

    Jennifer Reyna should leave during the news 12 minutes early.

  11. "Le Bron James of news"

    - no college
    - tattoos and/ or other surgeries they thought made them look better
    - inarticulate and embarrassing to hear speak
    - nail biters
    - think they're the best looking things on South Beach
    - look 15 years older than their claimed aged



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