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Monday, September 19, 2011

Houston radio host profiled in national magazine


950 KPRC's Michael Garfield aka "The High Tech Texan" is a star on the rise. Above is his entry in ABC Soap In Depth magazine. That's right, not only can you hear Garf on the radio, watch him on TV - now he is at every grocery store checkout aisle across the country!

So why all of the Garfield buzz?

This is the big week of his General Hospital debut on ABC. Garf should start appearing in shows this TUESDAY and continue for the rest of the week. Look for his speaking part with James Franco to air on WEDNESDAY. Set your DVRs.

Houston media is starting to take notice of the big event. Here is an article the Houston Chronicle wrote for the big Garf vs James Franco death scene. We'll have to see what KTRK 13 does for this since that station airs the show.

GH airs from 2p-3p CT on ABC.

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