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Monday, September 19, 2011

Are Houston Dallas Cowboys fans mad at Fox 26 KRIV?

Even though the Houston Texans are the city's official NFL team, there are no doubt a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans in H-Town. When I saw this part of David Barron's Houston Chronicle column, I had to wonder if this was going to make those Cowboys fans mad:

The late start is bad news for Cowboys fans. With the Texans in the late-afternoon window, KRIV (Channel 26) will go with Bears-Saints at noon for its only game on a CBS doubleheader weekend. Accordingly, that means Cowboys-49ers at 3:05 p.m. will not air in Houston. READ THE REST

Now the game has come and gone and had what's been called a Holley-wood ending. So are Cowboys fans seeing red instead of royal blue when it comes to Fox 26?


  1. ...CBS left the RAIDERS/BILLS game... with :27 left on the clock...RAIDERS up by FOUR... BILLS driving... so that we could join the COMMERCIALS before the TEXANS game...


  2. Yes, they are mad at Fox 26. Should they be? I think they should look at the NFL for protecting CBS and the Texans. Dallas had an away game, and the Fox in Dallas showed it, and the CBS in Dallas showed the Chargers-Patriots game at the same time.

  3. Mike, you know that's not KRIV's call, right? Fans might be mad at them, but if so, that's simply due to fan ignorance. They can't air the game if the NFL's contract with Fox says they can't air it.

  4. Sure, but they can come here and vent at least!

    Although I read on a message board that KTVT in Dallas never airs Houston Texans games. Don't know if that is true, but if so, how does that happen?

  5. Having used to live in Dallas, that's actually true about KTVT not airing Texans games.

  6. It was not KRIV's call. It was a blackout BECAUSE the Texans were the 2nd game in a double header... On at the same time as the Cowboys. KRIV got complaints probably, but not because of something they had control over.

  7. What other games this year will the blackout policy effect?


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