Saturday, June 25, 2011

KHOU 11 reporter caught smoking at start of oil fire live shot

UPDATE at bottom with official Brad Woodard apology.

Readers have been asking me to find the video of a KHOU 11 reporter smoking during one of Friday's 5pm newscast live shots. Since I am lazy, luckily a kind reader helped me out and sent the link featured on YouTube.

Turns out it is KHOU 11 reporter Brad Woodward Woodard. Ironically he is reporting from an oil fire in Chambers County. Greg Hurst and Lucy Noland toss to Woodward Woodard who takes a puff from the cigarette, drops the cigarette, looks up and asks the photographer "Ready?," pauses a moment and begins the live shot.

This falls into the category of reporters are people too. They make mistakes sometimes in an incredibly stressful job.

By the way, KHOU 11 reports that fire was eventually extinguished.

I have to apologize to Brad Woodard for getting his name incorrect. In the rush to get this online for my readers, I referred to him as Woodward. This video has gone viral all over the nation now, but I believe I was one of the first to have it for my readers.

Also, an anonymous reader has sent in a link to the official KHOU 11 Facebook account which offers an apology from Mr. Woodard. Here it is:

From KHOU 11 News Brad Woodard:

Dear Viewers,

Some of you have raised concerns about my live report from Chambers County on Friday, June 24th. Due to a technical glitch, I was observed on camera smoking and extinguishing a cigarette, something I find both professionally and personally embarrassing. I was reporting from the scene of a fire at an abandoned “tank farm” formerly used to store petroleum products. The fire was well under control at the time of my report, and I was standing on concrete when I discarded my cigarette. I also made sure it was extinguished following my brief report.

Apparently, some of you are under the impression I was reporting from the scene of a wild fire. That was not the case. My bad habit aside, I’m very cognizant of the extreme drought conditions facing this state. I report on those conditions daily and care very deeply about those affected. That said, I sincerely apologize to those of you who were offended. We appreciate…I appreciate your viewership and your concerns.


Brad Woodard

(Thanks for sending the link, you know who you are)


  1. Those non-news reporting KHOU reporters do it again!

  2. Haha he did that during hurricane Ike too ... Geeze. Glad I never started smoking.

  3. Brad is an excellent reporter.You guys make me sick. He is human. Big freakin deal if he was smoking. He was just caught off guard. Keep up the great work BRAD.

  4. A stern reprimand is in order, I should think, along with a couple full weekends of sensitivity training, if not a public lashing with a cat o' nine tails.

  5. I talked with Brad last night and he was laughing about it. Priceless.

  6. I actually saw this as it was happening. First off the jackass producers are wrong for not telling him in his ear that they were tossing to him.. secondly, reporters smoke, no big deal, and three... if you look closely he still had the cigarette in his hand and didn't throw it on the ground while a burn ban is going on. Get a life people. It's funny, but he should not be reprimanded. Get a life.

    Gabe Vialles

  7. Leave the poor guy alone. How about putting an end to the asinine KPRC attention given to this Southwest airlines pilot topic. Why is this still news?

  8. All of you should read this:

  9. Gabe, you're incorrect. He DID throw his cigarette on the ground. You can clearly see that towards the end of the clip. Just because he's a reporter doesn't mean he should be excluded from criticism for his on-air gaffe. He, of all people, should know that GAFFES will be reported and scrutinized by the public.

  10. Program Director6/30/2011 01:50:00 PM

    BFD....KPRC's female anchors and reporters make dumb comments and Jim Halpert-like facial expressions all the time that are far worse. Earlier this week Freeman talked about the old cliche of "bringin' a gun to a knife fight'... And i see someone finally told that Bauer chick to cease and desist with her over the top props and adrenaline. Now if we can just get Jacquez to stop with her over enunciation and fake-empathy (she sweats a lot...)

  11. At so-called anonymousl, YOU'RE INCORRECT!!! he is still on the air... no harm no foul. He apologized, so unless you are GOD,people make mistakesl MOVE ON ~

  12. Who cares, he smokes. Get a life people. Yes it appears unprofessional but it was a mistake on his part. Get over it

  13. I'm surprised that no one considered this the fault of the camera crew, or whoever transitioned to that camera view at that moment.

    (I hate it that people smoke, but they do, and at least he was outdoors.)


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