Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fox 26 KRIV reporter cusses on air during 9pm news

Minutes after it happened, I already received a phone call about the Fox 26 KRIV reporter on air cussing incident. Next it was being mentioned on Twitter, Facebook and posted multiple times on YouTube (click here for full video - above video is short version).

Tuesday night on Fox 26 KRIV's 9pm newscast, reporter Pattie Shieh said a word that sounds like 'spit' on air in the close of her report. She was not was on tape (or a video server these days technically). Shieh clearly did a liveshot at 5pm, then recorded a 9pm close, messed up the tag while delivering it to tape, uttered a cuss word due to the flub and started over. The next mess up was whoever put that piece of tape on air.

The newscasts director cut the tape off and immediately went to a 'coming up' bump. After the taped tease, anchors Melinda Spaulding and Tom Zizka apologized "for the profanity" and made it clear to the audience it happened on tape and not live.

The viewer response was actually quite supportive on the official Fox 26 KRIV Facebook page. Comments like:

"Wow!! That was awesome! Thanks as Patty!! I needed that laugh after a hard day at work!"
"Way to go Patty!!"
"Thanks for the much needed giggle Patty!"
"Lol, I love you patty!"

This type of thing is something no reporter/anchor wants to happen, but when it does, there have actually been some positive outcomes. In 2004, then KEYE 42 Austin sportscaster Robert Flores (formerly of KWTX 10 Waco), said a bad word on air that sounded like 'duck.' This was also on tape. He was fired from the station but landed an anchor job at ESPN.


  1. Oh, if only people could hear what producers and directors say during commercial breaks... Often so much more entertaining than the news itself, haha

  2. Who waits for commercial breaks?

    Profanity is the language of television.

  3. Owen Sucksplenty should've been canned for his ape-like act. What a smarmy jerk.

  4. What drives me crazy about this story is this. KRIV DOES NOT USE TAPE! They record to PII video cards in the field and then upload that video to a server after returning to the station. An anchor said tape, you said tape others have said tape. You should all be fired because your facts are wrong. We need to get use to saying video clip.

  5. The anchors said 'tape' because that is what the public is used to. I said tape because they did, but if you actually read the post, I said technically a video server next to the tape reference.

    I can't fire myself because this blog is just a hobby. Can you be fired from a hobby?

    And really you should be fired anonymous, because I doubt the station is playing back from PII cards directly to air. I imagine I am right when I said they played back from a video server.

  6. Kriv has never been a modern broadcast station, It would not have surprised me if Tom Ziska would have said FILM. God knows Kriv might go back to that to save a few bucks. At least with FILM you kind of have to pay attention when you edit it.

  7. Pattie's last day as a member of the Fox 26 newsteam came and went last Friday the 15th. She very well could be the most popular person in the newsroom and they tossed her out like trash. Thankfully we have the new up and comers to fill her shoes. A smart station in Houston should jump on this chance and hire her.

    Pattie's fan club


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