Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VIDEO: Flash mob hitting Houston's west side Thursday night

HairsprayIf you are at Memorial City Mall or the City Center in the Houston-area Thursday night and see around 100 people dancing to the song "You Can't Stop the Beat," don't worry, it's just a flash mob.

Turns out the Country Playhouse has more than 100 volunteers from the community participating in this 'impromptu' event to promote Hairspray, which just so happens to be the next production at the Country Playhouse.

I'm told the flash mob will perform three times. Twice Thursday night: 7pm at Memorial City Mall (near the skating rink) and 8pm at City Center (on the green, in the front of Yardhouse and Ruggles). The third time will be on stage at the Country Playhouse before the production of Hairspray on July 15th.


(Thanks Susan)


  1. I thought flash mobs were supposed to be a surprise.

    Oh well, they are pretty {edit} anyways. I mean really cmon, there has to be a bunch of better things to do.

  2. Love it. They Areca surprise to 95% irvine people there. But the CPH is a non-profit theater attempingbto drum up support any way they can. Only cynic would not enjoy it, suprise or not.


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