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Sunday, May 15, 2011

VIDEO: Houston Astros fan runs on field, evades security like Spiderman

Friday night, a Houston Astros fan made the game really interesting at Minute Maid Park when he ran on the field in the bottom of the ninth and evaded security in a Spiderman like fashion (minus the web slinging). But get this...he then jumps back into the stands and yet again evades security. Carlos Lee was up at bat...what was he thinking?

The video, taken by fan Mark Lancaster, has already been featured on AOL's Sporting News and his quickly going viral. It's even spawned parodies already.

The dude on the field is being hailed as a great parkour. I didn't know what that meant but you can read more about it here.

According to ESPN, he did eventually get caught.  You can read more about this daring stunt here.

(Thanks Kristy G)


  1. Houston sports broadcasting legend Craig Roberts commented on my Facebook page:

    "It was JIM CRANE testing security before he signs on deal to buy the team."

  2. Who's Craig Roberts?


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