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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

KIAH 39 News: The last days in photo

I've been cleaning out my cameras and found some shots I snapped while freelancing at KIAH 39 News. These were the pre-revolutionary days I guess you could call it. Some shots were in the studio of anchor Mia Gradney and the other talent on the last nights of the newscast, newsroom stuff...etc.

People ask me what it was like working there in the final days of the newscast. Surprisingly the attitudes and morale were pretty good when I got there considering everyone knew things were changing. Nice group of people.

It was an interesting perspective to see a newsroom in the process of shutting down and changing into NewsFix.

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  1. I'm speechless. I can't bring myself to frequently watch NewsFix (even since I reviewed it in my own blog), so these images are surely sad. Great memories here. They are great memories especially for those who dislike the transition from 39 News to NewsFix.


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