Thursday, February 24, 2011

KPRC 2 lands new 4:30am associate producer

George Lupercio is making his way back to Houston as an associate producer for KPRC 2's 4:30am show with Owen Conflenti. Lupercio is leaving KBMT in Beaumont where he worked as a producer of the station's evening shows.

"I am thrilled to return to Houston and begin my new career as an associate producer for KPRC Local 2," Lupercio told the blog. "I was born and raised in Houston and nothing makes more happier than to come back home."

He started his TV career as an intern and then production assistant at KTRK 13. He also worked for The Houston Chronicle's East End neighborhood section as a freelance writer.

"The producers and anchors at KTRK mentored me in my writing to help improve it," Lupercio said. "Later, I started writing for the 11 a.m. newscast. A year and half later (June 2010) my supervisor, Executive Producer Jerry Vazquez, recommended me for a producer position at KBMT in Beaumont, TX."

Now that he has moved from an ABC station to an NBC affiliate, Lupercio had to make some changes to his Twitter account. The former @abcnewsjunkie is now @nbcnewsjunkie. Smart move!

Congrats to George.

(Thanks Eric)


  1. i applied for that job, i was wondering why those bitches never called me back@

  2. How does Owen Sucksplenty qualify for any job besides dishwasher, monkey stunt double or eyebrow shaver tester?

  3. While I will concede that "Owen Sucksplenty" is a clever and hilarious nickname, I don't think he's too bad. Now the new girl Bauer at 10 is horrendous. Someone needs to give her Ritalin.

  4. George is cute!

    Also ... I don't get all the hatred for Owen. He's got the perfect personality for a morning newscast. They're No. 2 ... pretty much the only time of day KPRC is competitive ... so clearly there's a good chunk of folks out there who like him.

  5. Whoa, good to see a Coog come back home and make good! He's cute!

  6. I disagree with the love for that jerk anchor. The perverts and unemployed in Houston up the ratings to watch Ch 2 and see that Reyna zombie's bolt on boobs in a sweater while she butchers the English language with a traffic report. It has nothing to do with the horse's ass anchor or their day old news they re-run in the morning.

  7. ^ Owen knocked you up and rolled huh...

  8. How anyone can stomach that Owen dbag is beyond me. Such a self absorbed, monkey-looking jerk. More Joel and Ian, and NO MORE Owen, is the answer for Ch 2. (And, get rid of most of their silicone baggage, too....)


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