Thursday, January 13, 2011

KDAF 33 Dallas-Fort Worth image spot

In this image spot for KDAF 33 Dallas-Fort Worth, we learn the station has news worth watching for people who don't usually watch television news. In fact, this spot pokes fun at the other DFW stations too - as being the stations your grandparents watch. KDAF is the sister station to KIAH 39 in Houston (in full disclosure the station I work for).


  1. Too bad the CW station in Houston doesn't have that commitment or creativity.

  2. Maybethe stations here can do a hybrid to show how lousy and ineffective KPRC's self promoting effrots are. Between the dolt seal who harps and hi-ho's like a twit (Conflenti) the bleached snob floozy who can't read (freeman) and the wrinkled plastic granny (Sachse) those spots are hilariously ineffective.


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