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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby fever replaces breaking news at KPRC 2

On the Beat with Mary Benton of KPRC 2, is one of the best TV blogs in Houston (that I had nothing to do with ;) ).

Her latest post involves a lot of new additions to the KPRC family. No not employees...babies.

Benton says that five of the Channel 2 reporter/anchor types are pregnant!

Here is an example. Pictured is weekend anchor/reporter Daniella Guzman. Guzman, and her husband Hector, are pregnant with their first baby. The baby is due this summer.

Congrats to all the future new parents!



  1. I bet when they give birth they will all have ten pounds of makeup on when channel 2 shows them at the hospital. God forbid we should see what they all REALLY look like!!!

  2. honestly, Channel 2 is the biggest joke around. I just hope they don't do overkill like they did with Dominique's baby. That was just trashy.

  3. As a woman, I have always liked Rachael McNeil. I think she comes across as intelligent and classy. I just don't have any respect for women that use what they "appear" to look like to get jobs. It's not fair to all the women that don't do that and have actually have talent. It's starting to happen in radio too!!

  4. Sorry, I used an extra "have"

  5. What was with the unflattering zebra pattern that Guzman wore last night? It was God ugly - does she get her clothes from Lauren Freeman's closet and Sachse's Goodwill collection? I agree with the earlier comment about overkill on the pics of the kids. Sachse's was just plain pathetically narcissitic to think anyone cared to look at those and the stupid captions.

  6. I just hope they don't let Reyna do any anchoring when the maternity leaves start....she belongs at a bank teller window being fake and trying to count to 100. She has no clue, skill or class for TV.

  7. I wish I could see the actual names of the people who posted these messages. I bet they would look oh maybe reporter names.



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