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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Houston group starting satellite world news TV channel in 2011

Wow. I was surprised when news of the Houston-based Global Broadcasting Channel(GBC) hit my email box. This is pretty cool. If you are a journalist who likes world news, start applying now. Does it count I like listening to the BBC?:

Pioneer Globe - Blue OceanHouston, TX – Due to the stunning absence of thorough and complete world news reporting in the United States, several Houstonians have partnered with international news professionals to fill the vacuum. On March 3, this partnership will launch an independent world news network, called the Global Broadcasting Channel, or GBC, based out of the most global city in the world – Houston, TX.

GBC will deliver news via DirecTV to 18.7 million American households. The network will be the first US news channel to bring world news in a 24/7 stream to an American audience, ensuring insight into global events and issues – information presently absent or incomplete in other the major media outlets.

“The world is rapidly becoming one community,” States GBC spokesperson Rashmi Saikia. “There are many native-born Americans thirsting for world news, and about 36 million foreign-born Americans, who receive little or no news about their homelands. GBC will cover not only the US, but Latin America, Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia and South Africa. We offer our viewers the entire world.”

GBC plans to launch with a 24-hour news cycle and a full crew from its new studios in The Preserve, 2040 North Loop West. .The network is independently owned by the family of Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia, the most successful and highly regarded media producers in India. This family-owned business brings with it more than thirty years of expertise in cinema and television program development. Advertising sales for the company is managed by World Link Media Corporation. The team of people to work on the crew is primarily being hired in Houston, TX adding approximately 75 new jobs in Houston in 2011.

In addition, Houston’s own Zenfilm is managing the creative services.

“It’s global news tailored for the US market originating right here in Houston. GBC is designed to be a lens on the world that is not colored by opinion, targeted at viewers who want to make up their own minds regarding global issues. It’s the art of journalism as it is intended,” concludes Saikia.

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