Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 5 Houston area cell phone wreck hot spots


Here is my story on KIAH 39 News from last Friday. It's a cool story. Thanks to the hard work of Jennifer Peebles from TexasWatchdog.com, we know the top 5 cell phone wreck hot spots from TXDOT accident report data. No other Houston TV station has covered this that I know of. READ THE STORY

Honestly when I was at KTRK, I would have tried to save this story for sweeps.



  1. But it is true, I do get really bored on my hour commute home. Thats when I have time to make appointments, call the family etc.

  2. Good story...serious topic but it's true we've all done it. I tried to do the whole "no texting while driving" promise Oprah pumped for a while but not even a week later I was texting on the road. Not even Oprah could stop me. oops


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