Saturday, August 07, 2010

Will the FTC fine your blog or social media account?

Here are some helpful links I will be talking about during the Journalist vs. Blogger: Understanding the FTC Online Disclosure Law panel at WordCamp Houston.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Revised Endorsement Guides (for bloggers/social media)

FTC Seeks to Clarify -- and Justify -- Its Blogger Endorsement Guidelines

FTC Endorsement Rules Get Their First Workout

Is the FTC Really Going To Sue Bloggers?

FTC Endorsement Rules Get Their First Workout

Bloggers get smacked down for free products

FTC Guidelines Include Affiliate Links


  1. How do these laws affect political speech/endorsements? do they at all? Wasn't political speech the very thing that the First Amendment is all about anyway?

  2. In my reading, I have not found anything that talks political. However, the rules would apply I imagine if a political campaign paid a blogger to write about the candidate. That blogger would have to disclose that.

  3. Long time reader...first time commenter.

    I also wonder if/when the equal access rules apply. If someone video blogs an interview with a candidate, do they have to offer the same amount of time to the other candidates? As usual, technology speeds ahead of the law.

  4. Great question. I'm sure something will come down the pipe eventually.


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