Friday, August 27, 2010

KPRC 2 reporter Lisa Baldwin says goodbye

The Insite reports that KPRC 2 reporter Lisa Baldwin put her resignation into the bosses at Channel 2 KPRC this week. I hear she wants to spend more time with her family.

Nothing wrong with that. I did the same thing.

Clearly family is important to Baldwin. She mentioned in her KPRC web bio:

Despite working hard to get where she is, Lisa has achieved her own personal feat by becoming a first-time mother. Her son was born five weeks after she arrived in Houston. A daughter arrived a few years later. She met her husband, who is a TV news reporter, in a newsroom and says that he is her best friend.

Baldwin's husband is KIAH 39 reporter Steve Simon.


  1. So is she really leaving to spend more time with her family or is this just a prelude to a family departure given that 39's news fix may leave her husband unemployed as well.

  2. This stinks. I've always admired her work.

  3. The very best to Lisa and Steve. Joe Nolan

  4. Lisa,
    Your kids will love having you home. You and Steve are wonderful parents. We wish you the very best.
    Ally and Dennis Spellman

  5. We will miss her!

  6. Lisa your the Best! Best Regards! Dave Ward.


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