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Thursday, August 19, 2010

KPFT steps up to help displaced 91.7 KTRU staff

90.1 KPFT Houston's Pacifica station has an open letter on its website to the staff at 91.7 KTRU. You might have heard the Rice University radio station is being sold to the University of Houston. UH plans to make it a classical station under the call letters KUHC.

The letter tells the KTRU staff that they can work on KPFT's soon to be relaunched HD2 channel.

Dear KTRU DJs and friends,

It is with great sadness that we observe the fate facing KTRU, a Houston cultural institution that blazed trails. It offered programming commercial radio would never touch or, in rare cases, would only make way for many years later.

We empathize with the financial troubles besetting Rice University. As a nonprofit, KPFT is constantly facing a challenging fiscal outlook and media landscape.

We share your concerns about media consolidation, and we hope this struggle reminds everyone about the need for true media diversity.

KPFT management thinks it would be a shame to lose so many incredible KTRU programs. We offer this letter openly to the station's DJs. READ THE REST

Meanwhile the Rice students are planning a protest Sunday at Willy's Statue in the Rice U quad.

- KTRU Rice Radio to become 91.7 KUHC Classical
- Media Embargo: UH And Rice Get What They Want From The Chronicle


  1. um... KTRU is still going to exist online. The transmitter and license are going away, but not KTRU. So, nobody is going to lose their job. Is anybody worried about the actual facts on this stuff?

  2. If you bothered to click through to my original post on this you would have seen that mentioned.

    KPFT appears to be saying, "You still want to be on the actual is a way."

  3. I want to see the hands of those who have HD radios.


    Sounds like empty opportunism from
    Bradley and Aguilar to me.


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