Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KXAN, KIII and KBTX reporter/anchor moves

The Napoli Management Group reports that several of its reporters are making job moves in Texas.

Forgetaboutit...Rhonda Lee is no longer at News 12 the Bronx. She's moved to KXAN in Austin as a weekend morning meteorologist.

Making a station switch without having to jump on an airplane, Caitilin Espinosa joins the KIII team in Corpus Christi doing double duty as the morning and evening weathercaster. Why hire two people when one can do both jobs? Espinosa leaves KVEO in Brownsville.

Jessica James heads to Aggieland and KBTX as a weekend anchor and reporter. She was previously at KTAL as a reporter and interned at WFAA in Dallas. Make sure to Google her name with a KBTX behind it. Otherwise there is another Jessica James who spells things a little differently that is NSFW.


  1. FYI....

    It's pronounced "Fuhgeddaboudit"

  2. You can tell I am a native Texan then!

    Hey, I'm just glad to be visited by The Grape! This is an honor!

  3. I said fugetaboutit on the air here and realized that no one may have understood what I just said. :) Oops. Thanks for the mention. It's good to be back in TX. --RL

  4. Youse guys in the South just tawk funny.

  5. In my case I have a ten gallon hat, oil pump in my backyard and ride a horse around town. Except for high noon though.


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