Thursday, July 15, 2010

KVUE 24 grabs meteorologist Andrew Chung from KVIA 7

The David Crane Agency tells the blog that meteorologist Andrew Chung is blowing on out of KVIA 7 in El Paso and is ready to storm into Austin's KVUE 24.

Prior to arriving at KVIA, he was a meteorologist at KBTV, the NBC affiliate in Beaumont, TX. Before that, he worked as a meteorologist at Florida's News Channel and the MBC Network in Tallahassee, FL.

He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor's of Science degree in Meteorology plus a minor in mathematics, and finished all but the thesis for a master's degree in Meteorology from FSU. Wow, that is a smart weather guy.

- KCEN's Jade Mingus to KVUE 24 Austin
- KVUE 24 forecaster uprooted by love

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  1. Hope he learns the forecast for the greater Austin area...Chilly today and Hot tamale!


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