Friday, July 16, 2010

AUDIO: KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse surprises Ken Hoffman

I just found the audio (click on above player) from my appearance on the Ken Hoffman and David Nuno show last Friday on 1560 The Game KGOW. If you saw my tweet at the time, then you know we got Hoffy to talk about Ms. Sachse and then had her call in as a surprise! I also got corrected on how to properly say her name while she was on the line. Embarrassing!

There is also talk how Sachse's co-anchor, Bill Balleza, made fun of Hoffman on the Channel 2 newscast recently. Hoffy is out for revenge!

Naturally it was all in support of Abby's Book Corner which is collecting books right now for Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

After this surprise, I'm probably banned from the show forever.

Donate your children's books to help a Houston hospital

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  1. Did you ask her what's up with the missing wedding ring?

  2. Who is Dominique Sachse's plastic surgeon and Aesthetician? They do beautiful work. Her skin is flawless....

  3. It's tons of foundation. I've seen women that have horrible skin, but then they put base on and it looks flawless.


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