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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TV photogs have a rough job

Shooters: TV News Photographers and their WorkHe's one of the best TV photogs in the blogging business, so that is why I am featuring some great recent posts from Lenslinger.

Let's face it, anyone in TV news knows that photographers or photojournalists (aka cameramen to the layman) have one of the toughest jobs in media. They are exposed to the elements and lots of crap from inside and outside of the station. That's why it is so good to see Lenslinger blogging about it with humor and grace.

Top Ten Signs You've Covered Too Much Spot News
Here's #10 - Like Pavlov's dog, you instantly wolf down whatever food is front of you at the merest squawk of a walkie-talkie. CLICK HEADLINE TO SEE THE OTHERS

Baton Rouge TV photog brings personality back to reporting
In a time of generic TV stories, Rick Portier is coming out from behind the camera to return some local storytelling.

Downsizing your camera and editing on Final Cut
D.L.S. That's Diminished Lens Syndrome for those of you without tripods in your trunk. The symptoms are predictable enough... initial unease at the idea of shrinkage, a false hope that smaller will somehow be better, the cruel realization that you're about to hit the streets with a molded plastic pea-shooter.

The Iceman Melteth...
The life of a TV news Photog is one of backaches, callouses and scratches.Then Summer rolls around and it gets really uncomfortable.

- VIDEO:'s Kevin Johnson interview from NAB
- PIC: Houston TV photographer "going the extra mile"
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