Wednesday, May 12, 2010

VIDEO: GMA's Sam Champion confronts local TV crew live on the air

Here is video of Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion confronting a crew from Fox 25 KOKH Oklahoma during the local station's morning live shot. Talk about live coverage you aren't going to get anywhere else! WATCH ABOVE AND READ MORE HERE

Believe it or not I actually followed Sam Champion as a guest on 950 KPRC once. Good thing I didn't try to talk during his portion! What would have happened! Then again we were both calling in so I think I was safe.

Sam Champion says his parents live in Houston


  1. what an arrogant jerk!

    I think the local crew, more than a network weatherman, "deserves" to show the hometown folks the aftermath of the storm.

    On the other hand, the first rule of live TV is NO SURPRISES.

    That crew should have realized that they would be invading someone else's "space" and they should have asked for cooperation before going live.

  2. Sam looks cute when he is angry.

  3. In situations like this, crews work together to gain vantage points where everyone can see the subject. Obviously the local guys just wanted to stir up contraversy instead of staying in their own area. Terrable ethics and performance.

  4. actually they weren't even on air at the time and their field producer lied about exclusivity. cooperation was the furthest thing from networks mind. By the way where was sam for the three to four days prior to the event? Not in Oklahoma. I should know I am the cameraman for KOKH.


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