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Monday, May 03, 2010

KIII 3 in Corpus Christi to be sold to London Broadcasting

The news is in. The Corpus Christi Caller reports that London Broadcasting out of Dallas is buying KIII Channel 3. The reported sales price is $31.3 million.

Those in Corpus will know this was the last of the locally owned stations in the city.

According to the paper, London Broadcasting was established in 2008 and owns 10 stations in the following markets: Waco/Temple/Bryan, Tyler/Longview and Beaumont/Port Arthur. The TV station owner plans to penetrate every market in the state except for the big metro areas — Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

I was joking with someone that London Broadcasting will become the BELO of small Texas TV markets.

- Dallas-based company to buy KIII-TV
- KIII-TV sale price: $31.3 million

(Thanks Howard)


  1. Why TF couldn't the GD company buy KXXV? THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FREAKIN' AWESOME instead of whatever the hell else they bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's easy, Anon, KIII is a consistent #1 in their market with lots of revenue. Therein lies the wisdom.

  3. someone made a KIIIing on that deal!

  4. Do you think new management will KIII Isiah Carey's chance of doing weekend weather down there?

  5. Expansion of their Texas base and removal of one of the last locally owned stations in Texas...I guess London KIIIed two birds with one stone.


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