Thursday, April 01, 2010 to offer premium subscription for $500 a month

It's no secret how the media is always looking to generate more revenue from Web sites. I am joining the fray. Starting tomorrow, there will be a $500 a month premium version of It's a tremendous buy for you.

What you will get when you starting paying a monthly fee:

- Sexually provocative photos of Mike McGuff
- Analysis of past episodes of Be Good Johnny Weir and Kell on Earth
- A newsletter about Motley Crue and Ratt
- Breaking emails on Sam Malone's whereabouts (that is practically free on the main blog though)
- Photos of my old desk at Channel 13 KTRK (and secret looks at the station's snack machines)
- My Houston Mayor Annise Parker interview on DVD with commentary channel by Jeff Ehling
- A weekly podcast devoted to Michael Garfield's hair
- Free access to
- Some of my best stalker letters sent to Miya Shay, Owen Conflenti and The Insite
- A weekly autographed photo of Bob Martin aka "The Accountant to the Stars"
- Tips on getting news desk assignment planners to cover every story you want on TV
- A chance to touch all of Mark Greenblatt's awards

Don't delay...hurry up and sign up here.

Your subscription could save all of new media.


  1. UndercoverHouston4/01/2010 12:32:00 PM

    I notice Sachse no longer wears a ring on Ch 2 and her husband is no longer mentioned in her bio on KPRCs website....and that's not an April Fools joke...

  2. Sign me up. I'll be sending you my CC info shortly.

    Speaking of RATT... do you know they have a new album coming out? I've heard some samples and it sounds like they picked up right where they left off in the 80's!

  3. Michael,

    You complete me. You are my soulmate... Is Dom X.Sachse really available?

    Remember to much is never enuff.

    More more more...

  4. I want all of the sexually provocative photos of Mike McGuff I can get. I pity the fool who thinks I am April foolin'!

  5. I forgot to add this:


    I guess I was so into wanting my nekkid MC GUFF photos!

  6. @UndercoverHouston - sounds like you are the one telling me news. The last time I talked to Dominique was 1994. I have no idea.

    @groovehouse - I have heard two new RATT songs and they do sound as good as Out of the Cellar.

    @FoxyBrowne - Love you too babe.


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