Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VIDEO: The city of Houston social media architect

So who is the person who gets all of the city of Houston's social networking projects going? Mike McGuff talks with Justin Concepcion of the Mayor's Office of Communications - Social Media and Houston Mayor Annise Parker. Find out how the mayor's office uses social media to track citizen concerns and more.

Special thanks to Schipul - The Web Marketing Company at for sponsoring this advanced media effort.

- VIDEO: Houston Mayor Annise Parker talks social media strategy with Mike McGuff
- VIDEO: Houston Mayor Annise Parker talks about Mike McGuff day


  1. way to choke out three blog entries from one interview.
    can we expect you to whip another one out?
    what's wrong, just can't beat off the mayor's input?
    any more mayoral emissions coming?
    might have to carrolize myself.

  2. You'd think I'm becoming like local TV news...same story for 2 to 3 newscasts.

  3. only you missed the lead.
    from last to first...
    Parker can't even make own tweets
    Parker social media plan a no go
    Parker can't make simple decisions


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