Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Anchors across country work own teleprompter

This is enough to send a chill down any anchor's IFB - more stations are ditching the teleprompter operator and forcing the on air talent to scroll their own words:

Anchor Loriana Hernandez at KTBC, the Fox OandO in Austin, Texas, says operating the teleprompter by foot pedal when she does the news with co-anchor Mike Warren is like dancing.

"We have our own rhythm," she says. "When you've been dancing for a while, you know when you're going to move to the right, move to the left. I know when he's going to roll it."

While it's fairly common for anchors in smaller markets like Austin (DMA 48) to control their own prompting, the practice is slowly creeping into the largest markets as TV station groups explore every opportunity to operate more efficiently. READ THE REST


  1. Speaking of operating efficiently, how about the news that CBS News is slashing expenses, including pay cuts and layoffs? Reportedly Katie Couric's $14 million salary is in the crosshairs, as it should be. No one reporter is worth that much money! The crazy salaries that the MSM pays their on-air news readers is one reason they are going broke. Pay these people reasonable salaries and maybe the dinosaur media won't have to fold up shop. As you can tell, I have no sympathy for their problems - they brought this on themselves.

  2. Yes, I even heard 60 Minutes is getting some cuts.


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