Friday, January 29, 2010

New KIAH 39 assignments manager announced

Congrats to former KTRK 13 and KHOU 11 assignments editor Joe Segura. It was just announced he is the new assignments manager for KIAH Channel 39.

"I have had the pleasure to work at two top TV stations in the country and learn from some legendary journalists along the way," Segura told the blog. "I am excited and ready for this next step in my life. Hopefully I can pass some of that knowledge down to future journalists."

Segura starts the new gig February 3rd and wants to remind everyone you can reach him through the KIAH 39 tipline at 713-847-9239 (He is already soliciting stories!).

 Joe is a great guy. I've worked with him before and found him to be a hard worker AND a nice person. Two great attributes in the TV biz.


  1. Tell them not to bust out the karaoke machine at 39...Joe won't stop singing!

  2. Congrats Joe! Hopefully our paths will cross again someday.


  3. Joe tell them to get rid of all that damn green and that Mia chic. Who in the world will take that station serious. Make me laugh how she (MIA) makes that news cast about her. What a damn joke!

  4. ALRIGHT JOE from Scannerman retired Channel 2 news. GO GET THEM Brother.



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