Thursday, January 14, 2010

KHOU 11 and KPRC 2 promos featured

I DO PROMOZ which labels itself as "A place for anyone with a passion for television news promotion. Producers, editors, managers - anyone who is involved with the creation of this thing we call TV is welcome!" features promos from both KHOU 11 and KPRC 2 in Houston.

KHOU 11 Anchor Image
We learn why anchor Greg Hurst did not play in the NFL and how Lucy Noland could participate in the Tour de France 2010.

KPRC 2 Winter Olympics
The KPRC morning team shows how seriously they take the Winter Olympic games.

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  1. These 'image' spots are supposed to get the public to watch that station's news. For me, once I stop laughing I turn the channel..


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