Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bush 41 says goodbye to Otto's

It's no secret that George HW Bush loves Otto's Barbecue on Memorial Drive. Well that restaurant is going up in smoke now:

President George H. W. Bush went to his favorite barbecue place in Houston on Tuesday for a last meal before the restaurant is turned into a -- sniff -- bank.
Bush, 85, was caught by a local cameraman at Otto's Barbecue ordering his usual -- beef ribs, sausage links, beef and a side of beans – on the day before the location closes. READ THE REST

Bush Sr. has been spotted a lot of places lately. KPRC 2 reporter Mary Benton just spotted him at the River Oaks Theater. Maybe I should start a TMZ like Houston site that just tracks the former president's eating and entertainment outings.


  1. that's a great idea! i think you'd be busy. one time i had a friend visiting me from the UK and 41 was at the tennis match we went to during the day, then the baseball game that evening...she thought i ran in elite circles! no...i just don't think he likes to stay home!

  2. I think the only place I have seen him was at an Astros game.

  3. I saw the report on tv and I love Daddy Bush. He looked great for being 85. I think we are seeing him around so much cause as President and his career he never had time like us to do wha he wanted. I think he is playing catch-up. So good to see him out in about. May GOD BLESS him and give him great health. Mike thanks for reporting this as well.


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