Friday, January 08, 2010

97.1 The Eagle KEGL becomes 97.1 The Bird

Well 5pm on Friday has passed in Dallas - Fort Worth and we now know that 97.1 The Eagle KEGL has changed its name to 97.1 The least for a day:

Friday, January 8th is the day 97.1 THE BIRD KEGL – FM lands in Dallas/Ft. Worth.
At 5 pm today 97.1 The Eagle has taken it upon their selves to speak on behalf of the D/FW area and not even speak the word Eagle in support of the Cowboys. “Because of our extreme dislike of the Philadelphia Eagles we’re giving them The Bird…in more ways than one” said Program Director, Chris Ryan.
To fully support our team and OUR community, 97.1 The Eagle will be 97.1 The Bird until after the Cowboys game Saturday night.
Management has noted what a great show of support the station has for the D/FW area as well as the greatest football team in the world, “Everyone at KEGL are all die hard Cowboys fans. If Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals can permanently change his name, the least we can do is change The Eagle to The Bird for a weekend in show of support for The Dallas Cowboys!!,” Vince Richards, Operations Manager said.
As of the stroke of midnight Sunday morning, January 10th, you’ll have your Eagle back, flying high again. With what we think will be a convincing Dallas victory.

Eagles reporter spits on Cowboys' blue star in Cowboy Stadium

Dallas rock station 97.1 KEGL The Eagle sent me this message about a big announcement today at 5pm:

Dallas, TX – Friday, January 8th marks announcement day for major changes at KEGL.

Unless you’ve just crawled out from under a rock…….you’ve heard, read, listen to, etc. talks of major changes happening at KEGL. Well today you’ll find out exactly what they are.

To get the full scoop tune in TODAY at 5pm as we announce live on-air at 97.1 (KEGL – FM).


  1. Now that's what I call support for your team. The eagles are going down this weekend. Go cowboys!!!!!!

  2. Dallas is douchetacular.

  3. Until I read this I didn't get why. But I fully support the idea! I enjoy listening to 97.1 The Bird even though I don't listen to it all the time. I love it when I do! And Chris Ryan is the BEST on this station! Amanda

  4. Im ok now, but for a minute I thought the jacked up corporate mofos were doing their selfish things again. Like when the eagle was off the air a couple of years ago. F++K rich office freaks anyway. peace to the eagle fam!!


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