Friday, December 18, 2009

Mike McGuff gets called out by future city council member

Don't look to me for picks on political winners. I made the prediction that Roseann Rogers aka The Buzz Lady (former KPRC 2 and current KTBU 55) had a great shot at winning the race for Bellaire City Council, Position 3.

With her years on Houston television, I figured she had good name ID and a leg up on her competitor Corbett Parker. Boy was I wrong. Parker got almost 72% of the vote in last Saturday's runoff.

In a funny tweet to me Parker wrote:

@CorbettParker @mikemcguff Luv blog and sic'em Bears but Roseann didn't have it in bag. Leave politics to @miyashay. Thx 4 motivation in

You know Corbett, I will and congrats on the big win. I will also leave the Christmas tree decorating advice up to Miya Shay too. Hey Corbett, can you get me out of a ticket if I get nailed for going 1 mph over in Bellaire? COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here