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Monday, December 21, 2009

Changes for CBS stations

CBS owned and operated stations are combining radio and TV power in new strategy:

I noticed that here in New York WCBS-AM and WCBS-TV have two very similar Web sites. They both do news and information. Any thought about combining those into one site?

Guitano: Yes. What we're going to do is we're going to aggregate the sites and come up with one site in each market that will incorporate the news, sports, weather. We want to make it hyperlocal, equivalent to the best local paper with all the local information and then have links to our assets outside of the local areas such as CBS,, etc.

I count at least 14 markets where you have TV and radio stations. In how many of those markets will you merge your local sites?

Anton: We would do it in all 14 markets. READ THE REST

Someone needs to start thinking outside the box and more strategically when it comes to local news Web sites. We'll see if this makes any difference for the company and possibly the news Web world too. We won't see any result of this in Houston, but we most certainly should in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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