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Sunday, May 03, 2009

AD of Sirius XM is the new 94.5 The Buzz KTBZ night guy

I told you how Zakk United left 94.5 The Buzz KTBZ recently. Now FMQB tells us the news of his replacement:

At Modern Rock KTBZ/Houston, part-timer AD is promoted to full-time night host.

A.D. has been around The Buzz studios for a while now. What you might not know is AD has also been DJing from Houston for Sirius and now Sirius XM. He is on Alt Nation and Faction and maybe others that I don't know about. Here is his Sirius XM bio:

A.D., former lead singer of Fat, and currently in Another Day, is straight edge. No drinking, no smoking, no drugs. But he points out that, despite his penchant for clean living, "Somehow I seem to get myself into some kind of trouble on a pretty regular basis!" What else do we need to know about you, A.D.? "I like to work, and hate days off – but I bitch about never having one. I write for a couple of magazines and have a recording studio." Oh yeah, one other thing: "I could teach a college level course on how to kick ass at Ms. Pac Man and Galaga… I love old school video games!"

He's got a YouTube channel too. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here