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Friday, April 24, 2009

Metallica's Lars Ulrich loves Houston's Rothko Chapel and Menil

In a recent issue of Time Magazine's Short List feature, Metallica's Lars Ulrich lists off some of his favorite things at the moment.  He likes The Rachel Maddow Show, U2's new album among other things.

But number 5 caught my attention because Ulrich listed Houston's Rothko Chapel and The Menil Collection:

In an unassuming Houston neighborhood lie two of the most tranquil yet invigorating spaces on any art lover's journey.

In the dignified stillness of the Rothko Chapel, one is enveloped in the black mysteries of Mark Rothko's paintings; just down the street, Cy Twombly's paintings immediately take you through thousands of years of civilization, captured on the canvas with exuberance, color and grace.

My wife and I went to both a couple of weeks ago and no sign of the drummer.
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