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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Former Channel 39 anchor Sherry Williams returns to TV?

The Insite hears rumors that former KHCW CW 39 anchor KIAH Channel 39 anchor Sherry Williams could be coming back to Houston television. Good for her. I'll take a guess and say Fox 26 KRIV?

Channel 39 or whatever it calls itself these days is a great lesson for broadcasters.  If you have good call letters like KHTV don't dump them for call letters like KHCW to reflect your network.  The good ones like KHTV will probably be snapped up by the time you want to go back so you have to go with something like KIAH.  It is amusing to hear how much people in broadcasting complain about those new calls. What about 39 Gold?

Sorry for the aside, back to Williams.  The former 39 anchor has a new business you can see more about here.

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