Thursday, March 20, 2008

Donna McKenzie formerly of Smooth Jazz 95.7 KHJZ

David Barron catches up with Donna McKenzie who up until last week was a DJ at Smooth Jazz 95.7 KHJZ:

She also worked a smooth-jazz format at another local station, spent some time at KLOL (101.1 FM) and KKRW (93.7 FM) and hosted a syndicated show called New Texas Radio before her stint at the Wave.

"Most of the people I've worked with have moved and moved and moved," she said. "It's very hard to stay in one market for a long time. I've jokingly said that I'm on my seventh of nine cat lives (in Houston)."

To stick it out over a couple of decades in the same market, she said, "you have to be willing to sustain some down time. You have to be more committed to lifestyle than income stream. And if you can maintain good relationships in the small community of advertising and broadcasting, you'll have opportunities down the road."

McKenzie said she has received several job offers since the Wave's demise but plans for the moment to take time off from the daily grind of radio to focus on freelance projects, spend time with her daughter and answer hundreds of messages she has received from listeners.


I put this story up because lots of folks have been coming to looking for answers on why smooth jazz is out and Top 40 is in on 95.7 KHJZ.


  1. First i need to say thanks a lot!!! because finally somebody can tell us what's going on with Donna Mckenzie...Since that terrific day when suddenly changed all the structure in CBS my days are not the same and never are going to be like the way they used to be...i'm a lucky person because i meet Donna McKenzie, i talked for a few minutes with her and i feel like she is my friend, she always make me feel like that every day while i was listening Smooth Jazz...but the world is too small and i'm sure that i'm going to find you and follow you wherever you are Donna...please Radios Stations!! if you want to be succesfull just hire Donna McKenzie and i'm 100% sure that all the Smooth Jazz audience are going to be listening every day, Donna is part of our lives, part of our families and she is our friend!!! We miss you a lot!!! Please come back!!!

  2. I agree! Houston soooo needs a station like KHJZ

  3. nice to know she is at jack radio

  4. No doubt Donna is smoking hot, but she is also very self-confident, classy, extremely intelligent and very much her own person. I definately admire her, though we've never met in person. She is a broadcaster like I am and I tell her she is like that track Gerald Albright plays, "So Amazing"!

  5. Donna is not only smoking hot, but she is extremely intelligent, articulate, classy, self-confident and very much her own person. I admire her SOOO much! We have never met in person, but I'm a fellow broadcaster, extremely dedicated Smooth Jazz fan and listened to Donna on line when she was at KHJZ. We have e-mailed each other. I told her she is like the Gerald Albright track "So Amazing". What can I say? Anyone that knows her knows what I mean. She is without doubt the total package and if you see her, tell her I said "hi"!

  6. Not only is Donna smoking hot, she is also extremely intelligent, articulate, classy, self-confident and very much her own person! She is definately the total package. I have not met her in person but we have e-mailed each other. We talked on the phone once. I am a fellow broadcaster. I admire her SOOO much! I listened to her on line when she was at KHJZ and am a dedicated Smooth Jazz fan! I told her she is like the Gerald Albright track "So Amazing"!

  7. I didn't mean to leave all these comments about Donna. One would do, but I didn't think in went thru the first two times!


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