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Thursday, November 03, 2016

KHOU 11 reporter loses World Series bet, must wear boxers in newsroom

It was boxers in the newsroom for KHOU 11 investigative reporter Scott Noll after World Series bet

Lots of Chicago Cubs fans are excited today after a World Series win that "breaks the curse" on the baseball team.

One excited fan is KHOU 11 investigative reporter Jeremy Rogalski.

Not only because his team was triumphant, but because he also won his bet with colleague Scott Noll. Since Noll's Cleveland Indians couldn't get the win, he had to wear Cubs boxers and parade around the channel 11 newsroom. Not only that, but he had to sing a Cub's fight song.

If Rogalski had lost, he would have had to wear the Cleveland logo on his forehead.

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