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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Uncle Waldo marathon and other Stevens and Pruett bits available for 101 hours

It’s Wall to Waldo on Radio Brave! Pop Up Podcast Features MORE Classic Stevens and Pruett Bits

Here's a real Rock 101 KLOL Halloween treat.

Beginning this Monday, October 31st, Radio Brave will begin airing back to back recordings of “Uncle Waldo”, the classic recurring comedy feature employed with resounding success by Houston radio legends Stevens and Pruett on heritage rocker KLOL-FM.

The recordings, dubbed “Wall to Waldo", whose audio quality varies as a result of the variety of sources from which they were retrieved, will air starting at 3:00pm Monday and continue for five consecutive days. Following their rebirth on Radio Brave’s digital platform, the show will be available via iTunes and Google Play Music as a free download for 101 hours, beginning at 7:00am on Saturday, October 29th through Noon on Wednesday, November 2nd.

Radio Brave Operations Director Bobby “Slam” Duncan, whose stint at KLOL had concurrent years with Stevens and Pruett, has peppered these long form vignettes with additional audio content from KLOL’s glory days. These archival treasures include station imaging featuring the voices and production skills of Bart Taylor and the late Bill Moffett, as well as elements of the station’s “Admit it” promotional campaign with messages from Pat Boone, Lyle Lovett, KISS and Elwood Blues and others.

“Since Jim Pruett’s passing a month ago,” says Duncan, "we’ve stepped up our efforts to source these classic bits and any other audio content from that period. We’ve been getting tapes, CD,s and more from fans all over the country. It’s been a labor of love putting this together, but the whole process is just surreal. You start the tape, put on the cans, and suddenly you’re back in the 80’s and 90’s and getting pinged with 30 year old memories from every direction.”

Listeners can hear the "Pop up Podcast/Broadcast" via the web on and the TuneIn App, or podcast on iTunes or Google Play Music by searching then subscribing to "The Runaway Radio Hour."

Groove Dogs and other fans of the Stevens and Pruett Show who have recordings are asked to contact Bobby Duncan at, or to message RadioBrave on Facebook at or on Twitter at @RadioBraveOnAir.

Stevens and Pruett 101 KLOL audio clips online + podcast

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