Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dave Ward's lost 1972 promos FOUND!

Dave Ward tours Huntsville and The Houston Zoo with Elvis look-alike in 1972 KTRK abc13 promo

Here are two 1972 KTRK abc13 promos and all I have to say is my how TV promos have changed. Back then, they couldn't show live trucks and helicopters, since the station's didn't use them yet, but they made up for it with disco.

In this 1972 KTRK promo, anchorman Dave Ward is visiting his roots in Huntsville, TX where he reminisces about his youth. We even see where Ward "started his career in journalism" selling newspapers outside of his barber's shop. Cut to a group of guys admiring Ward, with one taking notes on what he's saying.

Next, KTRK is back in Houston promoting its "Move Closer to Your World" song campaign. It's very hard to tell, but it appears Dave Ward rides the Hermann Park train with an Elvis look-alike and then goes to the Houston Zoo.

KTRK should totally re-shoot these with a modern twist. Today's TV promos love fast cuts and time lapse video, but not usually disco and Elvis lookalikes.

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  1. McGuff, keep finding more old video clips from the 1970s of Dave Ward & Co., of KTRK Ch 13 Eyewitness News.

  2. Man, do I remember this! I wonder if anyone has the promo of Dave Ward down in Nicaragua handing out cans of food to bewildered residents after an earthquake?

  3. How about Dave Ward going off to Louisiana to cover some hurricane in the 1970's and coming back home in his 13 Volvo station wagon to his loving wife and family. About 6 months later Dave Ward got married.