Sunday, May 05, 2013

KHOU launches EP Mike O'Neill movie review segment is doing something interesting. It has given KHOU executive producer Mike O'Neill a movie review segment called Movie Minute with MikeO.

O'Neill's first review...Iron Man 3. I still need to see the second one. If you know Mike, he's a movie buff, so this is perfect for him. Now this is no normal review. Mike throws comedy and magic in. I never saw Siskel & Ebert do that (RIP)!

Anytime I see a segment about movies, I automatically think review, but Mike adds in the comments this is more of a preview...with magic tricks mixed in maybe.


  1. Thanks, Mike!

    For the record ... these aren't really reviews as much as they are previews, mixed in with a little bit of my personal thoughts and opinions.

    And maybe a magic trick if warranted!

  2. Very innovative of


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