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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Houston TV newscasts full of lovely ladies

Lauren Freeman
Houston public relations magnate Shirley Barr noticed Houston TV anchors had that loving feeling today.

Casey CurryShe sat down and watched the morning newscasts across the channel spectrum with an eye for Valentine's Day fashions.

Barr reports most of our gorgeous ladies of television were wearing red to "surprising" subdued pink. KPRC 2 traffic guru Jennifer Reyna even threw in some red jewelry.

Fashionistas like Fox 26 KRIV anchor Melissa Wilson, KTRK abc13 morning meteorologist Casey Curry and KPRC 2 anchor Lauren Freeman wore "really pretty dresses and tops." Some accented by smart frocks with flowers.

 Reporter Courtney Gilmore heated up her live report with a pink scarf.

 Over on Allen Parkway, KHOU 11 anchor Lily Jang donned "a very cool lipstick red sleeveless" dress while traffic master Katherine Whaley showed off her "svelte purple sheath."

Oh, but there were more "sexy sleeveless frocks on this chilly morning in the KHOU bouquet." Meteorologist Chita Johnson stood out on the green screen in azalea pink and reporter Mia Gradney was in Chinese red.
Chita Johnson
Thanks to PR pro Barr for taking the time to file this report with from the field.

 Being totally clueless when it comes to women's fashions, I am not even totally sure what she is talking about here and I hope I posted it all correctly.

Either way, I'm sure all of our women of Houston TV looked beautiful or will certainly look stunning in the later's looking at you Melanie Lawson.

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Also, over at my Facebook page, I'm asking which Houston media type (TV, radio, newspaper) would you most like to send a Valentine's Day card to. You can leave that answer in the comments below too.

Houston TV anchors' changing hairdos


  1. Give us more!

  2. Because that's how we should view all female journalists: by their clothes and hair. Double standard anyone? Shouldn't we stop being so shallow in this day and age?

    1. Touchy touchy you must be an ugly ducklying. Ugly women are the first to complain because they never get the attention

  3. I know Shirley, surprised she used this platform to talk about something so useless and frankly, demeaning to female journalists. We all like to look nice, but must that be the only guide to female journalists? geez.

  4. I agree. Stop putting emphasis on looks and hire real journalists. The TV stereotype has become bleach blond, beauty queen types get the jobs. The mens stereotype is empty suits former jobks. Lets get back to journalism 101.

  5. Here I spend a lot of my free time updating this blog about local media because none of the Houston mainstream media seems to care to report on TV and radio for the most part. That's why I do it and I do it basically for free.

    I feature posts on female journalists getting jobs, getting awards, getting honored, writing books, developing new TV shows...etc. Then I try something Shirley came up with that simply talks about what anchors wore for Valentine's Day and I get this. I see this as no different than what magazines do to Hollywood actresses. The network morning shows do it too.

    "Anonymous," I have little respect for your journalistic integrity based on your anonymous character assassination. You must be the same person who tears others down in the newsroom behind their backs and then smiles to their face. It's the reason the industry can be so toxic.

    Clearly you didn't get a Valentine's Day gift...and now I know why.

    1. Haha! McGuff OWNED you, anonymous loser!

  6. I would like to give Don Nelson a Valentine. Tell him to hurry back.

    1. Ditto on Don nelson BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'd like to give Erik Barajas a gift. Hubba hubba!

  8. Mike I as well as plenty of other readers appreciate what you do here and the variety of different stories you feature. Keep up the great work! This was an interesting post as are many others. And as far as who'd I'd like to send a valentines day card to. It would probably be Channel 13s Ilona Carson, she's awesome!

  9. Too bad most of them have no skills besides silicone and assumed good looks.

  10. I tell you who is hot and smart is that Katherine Whaley, Rice grad.