Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Houston radio departures announced the same day

Some big stories from the Houston radio world that broke in the last 24 hours.

The Forward Times is reporting that longtime KCOH Radio 1430am host Wash Allen is leaving the station in less than a week.

According to his Facebook page, Allen has spent 45 years in broadcasting. He has been an on-air personality on KCOH Radio (1430 AM) since 1971 and is the host of "Confessions With Wash Allen." He's also been involved in television on KTRK 13 and other stations.

Since KCOH 1430 owner Michael Petrizzo passed away, the station has been sold and is moving to 1230 AM.

Chris Baker leaves again

Chris Baker moves around so much I actually created a separate Chris Baker move page that linked to all my posts about him. Looks like I might have another link to add. David Barron says Baker is taking off from 700 KSEV where he's been for a few years. Edd Hendee returns to his old slot in the morning after a long absence. Current morning programming, The MACK Show with Mack Machowicz, moves to Baker's afternoon slot.

UPDATE: David Barron reports that Baker is moving to KFAB-AM in Omaha.

From SportsRadio 610 KILT to KRLD-FM (105.3 The FAN) and KRLD-AM (NewsRadio 1080)

In other Houston radio news, SportsRadio 610 KILT program director Gavin Spittle has been named Vice President of News/Talk/Sports Programming for CBS RADIO’s Dallas-Fort Worth stations. In his new role, Spittle will oversee the programming and operations for KRLD-FM (105.3 The FAN) and KRLD-AM (NewsRadio 1080) beginning next month.

The station says Spittle took the station from a rank of 24th to 8th in its target demographic of men 25-54 during his three year reign.

“Under Gavin’s guidance, SportsRadio 610 became one of the fastest-growing sports stations in the country and the first sports station in Houston (of which there are four) to reach the top ten in men 25-54,” said Brian Purdy, Senior Vice President and Market Manager for CBS RADIO Dallas-Fort Worth in a statement. “We’re fortunate to have Gavin as part of our CBS RADIO family, and we’re looking forward to having him back in Dallas-Fort Worth.”

Prior to his role in Houston, Spittle was Vice President of News and Talk for CBS RADIO Dallas-Fort Worth, where he was responsible for KRLD-FM (which was “Live 105.3” until Spittle oversaw the format change to sports in December 2008), KRLD-AM, and the Texas Rangers Radio Network. Before that, he was Program Director of CBS RADIO’s KXNT-AM in Las Vegas.

“The KRLD call letters -- both on the AM and FM dial -- are close to my heart, so I’m honored to be selected and excited about this awesome opportunity,” Spittle said. “I'm looking forward to joining forces with the entire staff at CBS RADIO Dallas-Fort Worth.”

They always say they come in threes right? If I'm missing anyone...give me a shout.


  1. Looks' like Gavin is headed back to "Spittleville." I'm sure Russ Martin will be glad to hear that...

  2. People seemed to care about Chris Baker when he was on 950. When he was kissing up to Dan Patrick on 700, not so much.

    1. Chris Baker also licked the boots of any and all police on a daily basis regarless of their conduct. Nauseating!

  3. I bet Special Edd quit making those Sonny Bono jokes he made with Pat Gray.

  4. Confessions with Wash Allen is always worth a listen. Sad to see this show go!

  5. I felt that Wash had already decided to leave KCOH before it got its second life location on AM1230. He didn't seem to be as upset or shocked the station was going to go off the air, but this was before the decision was made to move up the dial. I will miss Confessions too, but thank goodness Don Sam and the other DJ's are remaining. All the best to Mr. Allen.

  6. Glad to see that ill-informed, inarticulate racist Chris Baker go!

    1. Whenever Democrats lose arguments.....they start calling people "racist"....

  7. I was sad to lose Chris Baker several years ago - he was the first host who described Progressives as "social utopians" - which made a lot of sense. I was at first unhappy with Michael Berry, who seemed to show up as Baker's replacement. Since then, Berry has done pretty well and is a consistently good listen - although I don't understand why he does "two" shows per day - it would seem, and I tend to sense sometimes, that he will get bored/ burned out....


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