Friday, December 07, 2012

Houston radio DJ AD gets a TV show 'King of the Burbs'

king of the burbs 10 minutes of awesome teaser from King Of The Burbs on Vimeo.

A Houston radio DJ is going Ryan Seacrest on us...just not as squeaky clean and with a lot more snark.

AD from 94.5 The Buzz KTBZ and Sirius XM (see he already has two radio jobs) is now going "Mr. TV" on us. His show, King of the Burbs, is already airing on Fox 28 in College Station and Fox 4 Beaumont. This Sunday night it comes to Houston on The KUBE 57 (according to the KUBE's site 2am Monday actually).

Basically The Soup-ish show features AD ripping on viral videos and other things. He writes the whole show by himself and gets production work from a friend.

"King of the Burbs is a shameless rip off of every other green screen show that relies heavily on outside content so that television can be made with a minimum of effort money and talent," AD told "It's for mature audiences with an immature sense of humor."

As AD's TV empire hits three Texas cities, he's looking for sponsors to keep growing. So if you want the late night slackers who are watching TV, this show is for you AD adds.


  1. I couldn't even imagine sitting through a whole show of this guy talking. I don't listen to late night Buzz because of this talentless flake. I watched a 45 sec clip on youtube of "king of the burbs", "botched celebrity boob jobs?!" Really?! What a waste of air. This show is like the daddy's,uncle's, cousin's, room mate's, mama's red headed bastard step child of Rob Dyrdek's "Ridiculousness" and Daniel Tosh's "Tosh.0" except ZERO talent.
    You're a HOUSTON "DJ"(emphasis on the quotations) for a music station. His sad attempt at being "edgie". Good Job "F*#kBucket"??


    1. soooo umm you didnt like this guy so lets see instead of just moving on you had to put your crappy 2 sense in... mmmm O=K,,,,,,,

  2. I enjoy AD's radio show I actually got home and saw the show it was on when I turned my tv on.. I think he could be a lot better than it was seeing as I'm not into the whole bash on women thing. I'll stick to listening to him over my radio.


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