Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sam Malone and Maria Todd together again? - photo proof

Houston radio's Sam Malone has been a very popular topic on this blog lately. You might have heard he was let go from 700 KSEV The Voice - replaced by The MACK Show with Richard Mack Machowicz a couple of weeks ago.

So then I bring you this...Doing my best impression of TMZ or the Gawker Stalker for the Houston radio royalty set, here is photographic evidence of Malone with his "radio wife" and former 104.1 KRBE partner, Maria Todd (current News92FM KROI weekend anchor).

"Had dinner [the other] night at Grotto with my radio wife Maria Todd," Malone told "We sat there for 3 hours drinking Scotch and eating stuffed peppers! What a great evening."

No doubt it is Grotto from the unmistakable paint decorations on the wall.

So what's going on here? Is this just two friends catching up or are they teasing us with a possible radio reunion? We've been teased with this possibility before.

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  1. They are Howard Stern/Robin Quivers wannabes...I'm kidding they were not bad together on KRBE...hard to believe that was 20 years ago...I remember he had those cool custom made Rockets songs during the championships...

  2. The only person that cares is you. That's why Sam keeps getting fired.

  3. We can no longer join his Facebook page, so how do we get a hold of Sam Malone.

  4. You know i have never hated someone for doing well in life. That being said i hope Mr. Malone does well in the future. I have been living in the houston metro area , Alvin to be specific, since April of '89. I love listening to all sorts of music and would prefer to listen to the radio over watching tv. As you can probably gather ive heard alot of. Personalities come and go. Honestly the one i miss the least and dislike the most is one sam malone. He always seemed fake... egotistical. .. and like he was trying too hard. He thought he was funnier..more important.. was more intelligent...and just better than he was.... or so it seemed. I just co u ldnt listen to him and i guess i wasnt the only one considering he seemigly cant stick at one station. Again sam good luck in the future


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