Wednesday, January 25, 2012

KTRK 13's Bob Allen emptying his TV locker this year

Bob Allen has died after cancer battle

UPDATE 4/11/2013
Bob Allen replaces Butch Alsandor at KHOU 11

Bob Allen with Laura and Dave Ward
UPDATE 1/18/2013
Bob Allen scores with emotional goodbye; talks future plans

What is Houston sports without KTRK 13 sports director Bob Allen? According to Allen's bio, he's been with the ABC station since 1974 (it also says he has the longest tenure of any major market sports anchor in the country).

Tuesday night on the channel 13 10pm newscast, we got our first glimpse into a future without Allen helming the Eyewitness Sports desk. That's because Allen told the audience he is leaving KTRK by the end of the year.

"It's something I've thought about for a while and those close to me know that I've been kicking it around for a few years," Allen wrote. "I am not -- repeat -- am not retiring; it's just that after 38 and a half years of sharing Houston's sports news with all of you at this station, and over 40 years of covering Houston sports, I want to do some other things while I can."

Some of those other things he says include possible public speaking, writing a book and possible duties with his alma mater of Stephen F. Austin State University. Overall it appears he wants a change of course, but is not ruling out a future role in television.

Allen actually had expressed some of these wishes to me the last time I saw him a few years ago.

Another thing he told me was a story about his early love of television - a story anyone who has been bitten by the TV bug will appreciate.

Allen told me as a boy he used to ride his bike to the KHOU 11 studios when they were located in the Texas Medical Center. In fact those very studios were just demolished this month. Allen told me in those days security was not what it is today and he could basically walk in, observe and learn. Clearly that education paid off considering his tremendous television career.

One thing Allen can always fall back on is his movie acting.

Naturally thoughts of Bob Allen lead to longtime anchor Dave Ward. As you probably know, Ward injured himself after a fall while heading to the news desk to anchor the 10pm news more than a week ago. He is currently recovering from surgery.

UPDATE 1/18/2013
Bob Allen scores with emotional goodbye; talks future plans

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- KTRK 13 hires fmr. KVUE sports dir. Hugh Lewis


  1. The chron has a bunch of comments wishing Bob the best. That happens when you keep a guy around as long as 13 has. Most of their staff sticks around. It is a stark contrast to the other stations in town that try to save money with kids fresh out of j school or worse- the ones with questionable work experience. Dart- That means you.

  2. Hugh lewis more than a fill in?? Anyways wish Bob the best, always enjoyed seeing him on TV. KTRK likes long tenured employees, right? Lets just hope they don't have another long time weekday evening anchor retiring this year.

  3. Why do these guys always want to make it sound like it is their choice to leave?? There is no shame in being fired aka contract not being renewed. Trust me, no one walks away from a cushy job like that! Especially anchors with huge egos! There is always someone better, willing to do the job for less, just the nature of the business. He will likely pop up on another Houston station.

  4. Bob's going on his own terms. Stop being so cynical. 4 decades of work is a great run anywhere. He's got a book to write about his journey. Always appreciated the guy for his "tell it like it is" style.

  5. To me, I'm going take it that Bob Allen is leaving on his own terms. 40-something yrs is a darn long time at one station. Kudos for that milestone. I wish I could do that, but companies nowadays have too much political bru-ha-ha for hard workers to stay put and deal with that crud. So, Mr. Allen, enjoyed your reports, will miss you, and hope you enjoy retirement! You've earned it.

  6. Mike, I take it that Bob Allen's last day at KTRK 13 will be sometime in December.

  7. I Really Admire Bob Allen and the 13 team. No one can feel no ones shoes even if they can do His Job. The Lord Bless You Bob. Journey On do much. Know you will be missed and thought of in our Homes @ News Time.


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