Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Chris Baker to reveal new radio gig to Mike McGuff soon

Radio talk show host Chris Baker (formerly on Houston KPRC/KTRH and KTLK Minneapolis) told me he will tell me first where his next job is. That's right, when Chris Baker starts his next gig, he says he will notify the mikemcguff.com blog first...and soon!

My Chris Baker posts are all going off the chart because radio listeners in both Houston and Minneapolis are wondering where he is.

I've been following Baker's career since 2007 when he first left the Houston airwaves. He's been back and now is gone again (for now?).

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  1. Here's hoping he stays gone - for good. He knows NOTHING about Houston and his attempts to rile people up over nothing are wildly transparent and, ultimately, pretty damn dull.

  2. Seriously lame.
    And the suspense?
    Totally contrived.
    He's like a lot of the other "local" radio talkshow hosts in Houston (or San Antonio).
    Take away their talking points and they've got nuthin'

  3. In Minneapolis the guys that are filling in are REALLY lame. They were taking calls about the tooth fairy this morning. Yeah, seriously.

  4. Come on already and get back on the air. You were the best up here in Minneapolis. Davis can't fill your shoes.


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