Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comcast Houston getting new digital upgrade

UPDATED AT 11:43am with additional info:  A PR rep for Comcast Houston has let me know our area is getting a digital upgrade with these new features. The upgrade is called XFINITY which I've written about before:

42 New HD Channels: New High Definition channels will be added to the new channel line-up bringing the total to more than 100 HD channels offered.
28 New SD Channels: Over 28 new Standard Definition channels will be added to the new channel line-up thanks to new digital technology upgrade.
25,000 New Video On Demand Choices: Comcast will expand its Video On Demand content to include up to 25,000 new digital video choices due to an increase in popularity of their VOD programming.
3,000 New HD On Demand Choices: Comcast will expand its Video On Demand content to include 3,000 new digital video choices due to an increase in popularity of their VOD programming.
Fancast XFINITY TV: This online service expands the video content by giving customers easy access to cable TV shows, movies and independently produced content.
Increased Internet Speeds: Currently offer fastest Internet access speeds (50 Mbps) in Houston and the upgrade will enable faster speeds (up to 100 Mbps) in the near future.

More from the press release:

In order to be able to offer XFINITYservices, Comcast will move its standard/expanded basic channels to an all-digital format. The vast majority of Comcast customers already subscribe to a digital level of service and have a digital cable box in the home. These customers will receive all of the XFINITY services automatically and at no additional cost. For customers without a digital set top box, the company is providing free digital equipment for up to three TV’s (one interactive digital cable box and two digital adapters) for no additional cost. Current Digital Cable customers should also consider requesting free DTAs for additional sets in the home that are currently using an analog outlet without a box. Comcast will continue to offer limited basic, which includes all broadcast channels, in an analog format.

Comcast is making it simple to secure up to three free digital adapters by simply going online at or by calling 1-877-634-4434. They are easy to install and directions are included. Customers may also stop by any service center and visit the digital adapter kiosk to place their request online or via phone. There is no shipping or handling charge. Additional adapters, after the initial three provided at no cost by the company, are $1.99 per month.

The digital adapter is a one-way device that lets Comcast replicate the analog experience for expanded basic customers by giving them access to the digitized versions of basic and expanded basic channels. The adapter is a very small device (measuring approximately 4” x 4” x 1.5”) that easily plugs into any television set and uses a new Comcast-provided remote control to navigate through the channel lineup.

“For those analog only customers who will be transitioning to our enhanced offerings, this will be an incredibly simple process,” said Doug Guthrie, senior vice president for the Comcast Houston Region. “Customers will only need an adapter to make the switch – they will not need to change the level of service they have in order to get these channels.”

The Woodlands and neighboring communities will be the first to have access to new XFINITY services beginning this month. Look for the Houston area upgrade to be fully completed in a year.

Comcast re-brands itself as Xfinity


  1. But I still can't watch live TV on my computer. I wish XFINITY/Comcrap would allow a few streaming channels or an a la cart system that would allow subscribers to select a few channels to stream directly to your computer. Now that would be cool!

  2. @Groovehouse: if you haven't had the chance, definitely visit Fancast XFINITY TV where there are nearly 150,000 video choices online, including hit shows, blockbuster movies, kids’ content, independent films, ethnic programming, with many choices in HD.

  3. @Mike - yeah, that's a nice service, but it's basically the same as Netflix, Hulu, Clicker and the others.

    I want streaming cable TV, on my computer, without having to purchase a TV Tuner card.

    I know we don't have jet packs and flying cars but we do have the technology to bring cable TV to our computers, let's make *that* happen.

  4. Are they finally going to add Comedy Central HD?


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